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Thiruvilliputhoor (Sri Villiputhoor) - Sri Vadabhatra Saayi Perumal Temple

Thiruvilliputhoor (Sri Villiputhoor) - Sri Vadabhatra Saayi Perumal Temple

Temple Location :Srivilliputtur

About the Temple:

This temple is situated in Virudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu. When going in train, we have to get down in Sri Villiputtoor Railway station, Via Thenkaasi, Virudhunagar and getting down in the Srivilliputtoor station, we have to go 1 1/2 miles to reach the temple. Bus facility and lodging facility is also available.

Sthlapuranam :

This sthalam was once covered full of trees and lots of plants and it is considered to be a forest type of land. This kind of land was under the rule of Malli, who is a lady, who had two sons, named Villi and Kandan.

Kandan was killed by a tiger in the forest. One day, in the dream of Malli, Sriman Naryanan gave his seva and ordered her that the forest should be destroyed and thereby getting Andanars to live. As the same way told by Sriman Naryanan, the forest was destroyed and the Malli nadu became "Villiputtoor". This sthalam is also called as "Puttoor Pudhuvai".

In 9th Centuary, in Kurodhana yer, Aani Month, Valarpirai Ekadesi, Sunday as the hamsam of Garudan, Periyalwar born in Swathi natshatram (star).

He was also named as "Vishnu Sitthar", since he had always the bhakti towards the Emperumaan in his mind. He constructed a small flower Nandhavanam (park) and planted all of the flower plants, these flowers are made as Garlands and was dedicated to Villiputtoor Sri Rangamannar. Since, he gave his blessings (Aasi) for the perumal by singing the "Pallandu", he was named as "Periyalwar".

At the same 9th century in Nala year, Aadi Month, Valarpirai, Chaturdasi, Tuesday, in poora Natshatram (star) as the hamsam of Bhoomi piratti, Sri Andal was born in the Nandhavanam and was taken care by Periyalwar.

As the daily work, periyalwar used to dedicate the Garlands to Sri Emperumaan, Rangamannar. One day, he saw that the Garland which should be around the thirumeni (body) of Rangamannar is found on the body of Sri Andal. On seeing this, Periyalwar got angry on her and warned her not to repeat the same ever after.

On that day, in the dream of Periyalwar, Sri Rangamannar asked him not to get angry on the action performed by Sri Andal and he too added that from next day, he should be dedicated the Garland which is worn first by Sri Andal and that Garland only should be dedicated to him. He also said that he will accept her love and will marry her soon. Because of this, Sri Andal is popularly called as "Soodi Kodutha Sudar Kodi". Periyalwar explained the beauty of Sri Vishnu in Vada Madhura and in Thirumaaliruncholai, Sri Andal got over joy and had a stubburn mind that she should get married to Sri Vishnu. As her love towards Emperumaan, Sri Ranganathar of Sri Rangam, came in the dream of Periyalwar and asked him to come along with Sri Andal to Thiruvarangam. As his command, Periyalwar along with Sri Andal went to Sri Rangam.

Sri Andal, on seeing Sri Ranganathar started to admire his beauty. Then, Sri Ranganathar acquired Sri Andal towards him and gave the father-in-law position to Periyalwar.

Sri Andal temple is found close to Vadabathre Saayi temple. 20 Pandha Mandapam is found in the entrance of Andal temple. After crossing along the left side, we can find the Kalyana Mandapam and after crossing this is the separate sannadhis for Sri Ramar, and Sri Srinivasa Perumal. Then, we have to cross the Kodi maram, a mandapam named "Madhavi Mandapam" is found and lots of beautiful paintings of the Emperumaan are found. Next to it is the Mani Mandapam and then the Artha Mandapam and then the Moolavr sannadhi is found.

In Moolavar Sannadhi, Sri Aranganathar having the instrument to ride the Chariot is found in Kalyana Kolam is found along with Sri Andal and Garudan. In all the Vaishnava temples, Garudan is found in the opposite side of the perumal sannadhi, but only in this sthalam, he is found along with the Thaayar.

A separate statue is kept for Sri Andal in the Nandhavanam, where she was born, which is found on the North East direction of Sri Andal temple.

The Arayar sevai, which is sung in Sri Rangam and Thriukurugoor - Alwar Thirunagari, is also sung in this kshetram.

Periyalwar sannadhi is found on the North side of the temple and he is faced towards the south direction. Two thalams (floors) are found in this temple. In the bottom thalam, Sri Narashimhar and the 12 Alwars and Dasavatharam of Emperumaan is found. When going through the steps of the bottom thalam, we can reach the upper thalam where we can find the Moolavar sannadhi, where Vadabadhara Saayi is giving his seva.

In Artha Mandapam, Chakrathalwar, Sri Kannan and Allal Thavirtha piraan Utsavars are found.


Srivilliputoor - Sri Ranga Mannar and Sri Andal
Thiru Aadi Pooram, which is the birth star of Sri Andal, is done as a big Utsavam and the biggest Chariot is taken out and Sri Andal comes around the Mada streets of Sri Villiputtoor.

In Panguni Utthiram, Sri Andal's Kalyana Utsavam is done, which is one of the specialised utsavam of this temple.


Vyasa Bharatham, which was translated in Tamil by Villiputtoor Alwar, Pattarpiraan Periyalwar who is called as the senior alwar and Sri Andal, all of these 3 great followers of Sriman Narayanan born in this kshetram.

Next to Sri Rangam Gopuram, which is the biggest Gopuram in Asia continent, Srivilliputtoor Gopuram is the biggest Gopuram next to Sri Rangam.

Moolavar and Thaayar: Srivilliputoor - Sri Vadabhatra Saayi

The Moolvar of this temple is Sri Vadabhatra Saayi. Also named as Ranga Mannaar. Prathyaksham for Mandooga rishi and Periyalwar Moolavar in Bhujanga Sayanam, giving his seva facing along the east direction.

Thaayar: Sri Andal. Also named as Kotha Naachiyaar, Soodi Kodutha Sudar Kodi.



Samsana Vimaanam.

Places of Interest

  • Srivilliputhoor Andal Temple This temple is a popular Hindu temple and one of the 108 Divya Desams, the most important abodes of Lord Vishnu and is the birthplace of two of the most important Alvars (saints) in the Vaishnavite tradition, Periyazhvar and Andal.
  • Thiruvannamalai Also known as Thenthirupathi, located around 5km from Srivilliputhoor. It was said that Thirupathi Venkatachalapathi who had gone hunting saw the place and remained there. It is frequented by people for worship during Purattaasi (mid-September to mid-October).
  • Kattalagar Koil This temple is located 9 km, east of Srivilliputhoor over the Mantuga Hills. In this temple Kallagar is in the form of Kattalagar. The theertha thotti water flows throughout the year.
  • Valayapati A small hamlet located about 9 km from Srivilliputhoor. This village was chosen for the Model Village Award by the Central Government of India. Cigarettes and other tobacco products cannot be sold inside the village. Octroi tax is levied on agricultural products purchased by merchants/external buyers.
  • Sadurakiri The abode of siddhars (Tamil sages), and home of two temples: Sundra Mahalingam temple and Sandhana Mahalingam temple. These have to be reached by a 13 km trek over the hills. The Tamil novelist, Indira Soundarajan has written a several suspense thriller based on this town.
  • Pennington Public Library One of the oldest privately-run public libraries in India, established in 1875.

Shenbagathope Grizelled Squirrel Sanctuary

Shenbaga Thoppu,a forest area about 8 km from here is a very good option for trekking.There is no proper bus service to reach here though.However the place can be reached by two-wheeler or even cycle.

The forests are found on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats. Only 6.3% of the total geographical area is under forests. Many rare and endemic varieties of flora and fauna are found along the mountain slopes. A wildlife sanctuary, spread over 480 square kilometres was established in 1989 at Shenbagathopu in Srivilliputtur taluk.. This sanctuary is contiguous with the Periyar tiger reserve on the south-western side and the Megamalai reserve forest on the north-western side.

The altitude varies from 100 to 2010 m above sea level. The sanctuary is home to the endangered, arboreal grizzled giantsquirrel Ratufa macrora. This greyish brown squirrel weighs 1 to 1.8 kg. and is the size of a small cat. It measures about 735 mm. from nose to tail with the tail being 360 to 400 mm. long. They construct drays at forked branches where the crowns of neighbouring trees meet. This enables the squirrel to move away from the site by jumping from tree to tree when threatened. The home range of an individual is between 1,970 and 6,110 square metres.


The best time to visit this town is during the Margazhi Thirunal (dec-jan)and the Adi Thirunal (July-August)which are very popular and provide a rare experience of the traditional temple festivals some of them unique to this town.


The nearest Domestic Airport is Madurai(approx 70 km) that is well connected to Chennai international airport. Srivilliputtur is around 1.5 hours from Madurai Airport by Taxi.


The Chennai-Tenkasi (Podhigai) Express runs daily to this town . Summer special trains are available from Virdhunagar Jn in summer(April-June).A daily passenger train service is also available from Madurai.


Buses to Srivilliputtur are there from Periyar and Mattuthavani bus stands of Madurai. Buses from both places are available every 20 mins. Buses to Srivilliputtur from Tirunelveli,Virudhunagar starting from the main bus stand are also available for every half an hour. Buses from various main places in Tamil Nadu to Srivilliputtur are also available frequently.